Studying and improving Mathematics instruction in secondary schools in Spain (SiMiS)

Co-chairs: Jon Star (Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University) and Nuria Joglar Prieto (Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics Education, Facultad de Educación at Universidad Complutense de Madrid). 

The purpose of SiMiS study group is to understand and improve mathematics instruction in Spain. We consider the following questions as the starting point of our research in the study group: What are the similarities and differences in teachers’ practices within Spain?

What are the aspects of good teaching? How does teaching relate to students’ learning outcomes?

In the first phase of our long-term project, we will gather several distinct mathematics lessons (video recorded) from a convenience sample of lower secondary mathematics teachers in different regions of Spain. At the same time, becoming familiar with different existing frameworks for analyzing math teachers practices will be a priority of the study group with the goal of making decisions about the design of our own instrument fully adapted to the Spanish context.

We believe that a project that collaboratively investigates the current state of mathematics instruction in Spain will create opportunities for researchers and policy makers to engage in productive conversation around how to improve mathematics instruction, including changes in curriculum, teacher education, and teacher professional development.


Group members:

Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics Education Department, Universidad Complutense de Madrid:
Juan M. Belmonte Gómez, Associate Professor
Nuria Joglar Prieto, Assistant Professor
Jesús Macías Sánchez,  Part-time instructor
Mónica Ramírez García, Part-time instructor
Ignacio Fernández Balboa, PhD Candidate
Esperanza Hernández Montagut, PhD Candidate
Mathematics Education Department, Universidad de València:
Rafael Crespot García, Associate Professor
Irene Ferrando Palomares, Associate Professor
Marta Pla-Castells, Assistant Professor
Carlos Segura Cordero, Part-time instructor
Mathematics Education Department, Universidad de Sevilla:
Mª Cinta Muñoz-Catalán, Assistant Professor
Víctor J. Barrera Castarnado, Part-time instructor,  
Mª Mar Liñán García, Part-time instructor
Didactics, School Organization and Special Didactics Department, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Madrid):
Blanca Arteaga Martínez, Assistant Professor
Mathematics Education area, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid):
Piedad Tolmos Rodríguez-Piñero, Associate Professor
Miguel A. Abánades Astudillo, Assistant Professor
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