Communication and Health

Chair: Ubaldo Cuesta (Professor of Social Psychology of Communication, Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

The goal of Communication and Health is to increase processes of communication that are linked to the area of health.

Its main fields of application are:

  • Communication between the patient and the health specialist (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.).
  • Health prevention, promotion and education.
  • Organizational Communication: internal communication, implantation, program management and evaluation.
  • Sanitary Institutional Communication: spokespersons, corporate image, crisis communication, management…
  • Media issues: Advertising, crisis communication, reputational strategy, sanitary marketing, etc…
  • Communication and Health 2.0
  • Specialized journalism in health (press, radio, TV, social media).

 The aim of this group is to study the basic mechanisms that are part of this area, as well as to identify the most efficient intervention programs. To this end, the Research Project Communication and Health proposes the following training courses:

  • Training graduate students to develop the specific knowledge and skills of the area.
  • Training researchers to detect and analyze the basic process of communication and health.
  • Training professionals to develop, implement and evaluate action and intervention programs on the ground.

Please, do contact Prof. Ubaldo Cuesta for further information on these courses.