Funding Opportunities at Harvard University

Funding Opportunities

Harvard funding opportunities is a cornerstone in university policies and aims to support those candidates interested in pursuing either studies or research at Harvard University. RCC’s mission is, among other aspects, to support faculty, researchers and students to come to Harvard, a mission accomplished by funding proposals for research and education.

This microsite provides information on all the funding opportunities available for faculty, researchers and students wiling to come to Harvard to do research or study at this University. Every year, RCC hosts scholars and students to collaborate with the faculty of Harvard University and to carry out their research projects or studies.
In this section, you can find information about the different types of visits that constitute financial aid with specific requirements.
  • Harvard Graduate Degree Students Scholarships: These funding opportunities are given to those graduate students planning to study at Harvard graduate and professional schools.
  • Harvard College Students Scholarships: This scheme supports students of Harvard College who wish to carry out stays oriented to professional experience in public institutions or companies based in Spain. These practical experiences can be complemented with access to the resources of Spanish universities. 
  • Harvard University Postdoctoral Research Fellowships: This Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program supports junior scholars who have recently received their PhD, with honors (or the highest equivalent academic distinction), from any of the RCC Member Universities to support the development of a research project at any of the schools, departments or centers at Harvard University.
  • Harvard University Faculty Research Fellowships: This program supports those faculty (tenure track or full professors) who will pursue research at Harvard University during one academic year with funding for this purpose.
  • Harvard Medical School Student Scholarships: This program supports Harvard Medical School students so that they can have the possibility of performing clinical electives in Complutense Medical School Hospitals in Madrid in order to allow them to gain a better knowledge of the Spanish health care system and having a socio-cultural Spanish experience.
  • Harvard University Faculty Grants for Short-term funded visits: This program provides funding to faculty willing to come to Harvard University for specific collaboration with Harvard faculty or Harvard research teams.
  • Short non-funded visits: These opportunities are given to those Scholars who have their own personal or institutional funding. 
  • RCC Undergraduate Internships and Research in Spain: This Grant provides Harvard College students funding to conduct senior thesis research or pursue an internship in Spain for eight weeks during summer.