Harvard Graduate Degree Students Scholarships

Harvard has a number of programs for international students planning to study at Harvard graduate and professional schools. The present Graduate Degree Students Scholarships is part of the mentioned programs and it makes funding opportunities at Harvard University available for those meeting the eligibility criteria.

RCC encourages highly-talented graduates enrollment at Harvard University for pursuing their training at both Master and PhD levels. This call offers training possibilities in the graduate programs of Harvard schools and departments allowing to obtain a doctorate or master’s degree. Those candidates admitted at Harvard and awarded with an RCC Scholarship will become RCC Fellows and will enjoy the benefits associated to such status.

The scholarships can be enjoyed for one or more academic years depending upon annual renewal. Candidates must apply for an extension of the scholarship every academic year until they have completed their studies. Continuing students at Harvard willing to renew their RCC Scholarship must have performed satisfactory progress both in their studies and RCC activities.

The RCC and the Committee on General Scholarships at Harvard University will determine the amount and purpose of the award, which can be used to cover tuition fees. In the case the scholarship covers all annual expenses calculated by Harvard University, it will not be compatible with any other type of income or scholarship for the same studies. If it does not cover the total amount of these expenses, it can be combined with any other scholarship or funding, as long as it is compatible with the basis of this scholarship.

Deadline: March 1, 2021

Guidelines and application for Academic Year 2021-2022.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Harvard Committee on General Scholarships.
Tel: 617-496-9367