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The Students Were at the Center in the RCC 2021/2022 Academic Year Inauguration Ceremony

October 8, 2021

"The RCC is a center of encounter and exchange for Spanish students, researches and faculty at Harvard. The possibilities are enormous", according to Daniel Sánchez Mata, Faculty Director of the Center. This was made evident during the RCC 2021/2022 Academic Year Inauguration ceremony where RCC Fellows, including students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty presented their projects they will be embarking in during this academic course at Harvard.

Margot Gill, Harvard member of the RCC Academic Council and representing the President of Harvard University Larry Bacow, and Dámaso López, Vicerrector for International Relations and Cooperation at Complutense University, representing the Rector of the Complutense University of MadridJoaquín Goyache, and the RCC Faculty Director remained everyone present of the great opportunities available at Harvard and about the possibilities of the "extraordinary collaboration between Harvard and Spain."

Rodrigo Cetina Presuel, the RCC Executive Director presented the RCC Fellows at Harvard who are students and researchers with all kinds of areas of specialization, incluidng education, climate change, egiptology, international law, architecture and design, biomedicine, environmental engineering, inmunology, machine learning, Spanish and French literature, e-Commerce, neutrinos or historical musicology. 

Participants were present live or through a pre-recorded video were Eva Flavia Martínez Orbegozo, Verónica Cruz Alonso, Clara Muñoz Castro, Antonio Morales, Sergio Alarcón Robledo, María Asensio, Juan Villalón Hernando, Francisco Barroso, Helena Casademunt, Guillermo Delso, Fernando Garrido Carreras, Paul Kramer, Miguel Marín Rodero, Beatriz Martín Adrados, Mario Mas Palacios, Aleix Pérez Pitarch, Marcel Torne Villasevil, María Bovea Pascual, Olimpia Gascó de la Torre, Alfonso García, Andrea Boza Zanatta, Arantza Lamas Paz, Iñigo Rengifo Meliá and Clara Viloria Hernández.

Margot Gill, representing the RCC Academic Council, highlighted how encouraing and inspiring it was to see so many areas of knowledge represented, which, in her words is a great example of the qualitify of the work and the enthusiasm that drives all activities across Harvard, and that getting to know the work everybody is doing is an excellent way to kickstart the academic year.

Other Members of the RCC Academic Council were present including Harvard Professors David KennedyLuis  GirónGonzalo Giribet and José Gómez Ibáñez as well as Andrés Arias, the Director General of the Complutense General Foundation. All of them stressed that that RCC is a place that exists to support its fellows and to receive them as their home away from home. They also recommended them to make the most of all the connections with Harvard faculty they will nurture during their time at the University and that will support the ir academic and professional careers and that is why, Andres Arias also said that he was proud of everyone present and that hoped, that in the near future he will be even more proud of those that finish their studies and achieve their goals at Harvard and beyond.