Erasmus + Jean Monnet Project


The Erasmus + Jean Monnet Project "Enhancing governance of EU policies: legal and institutional learnings from a US-EU dialogue” is led by Professor Jose M. Martinez Sierra, Jean Monnet ad Personam Chair of European Union Law and Government.

This project advances towards the creation of a network exclusively focused on promoting the legal and institutional lessons derived from a US-EU dialogue that has taken place in one of the most well-known and influential academic environments in the world by organizing events that promote discussion and reflection on EU issues and enhance knowledge about the Union and its processes.

The final goal of this project is, using the three key drivers of the knowledge triangle, education, innovation and research, as its main engine, seeking to establish the necessary mechanisms that enable certain European scholars, civil servants, leaders and Jean Monnet Centers of Excellence to have structural relations with the Harvard academic environment. The ultimate intention is that after this project has been concluded those relations will be consolidated through other activities that can be organized as a result of the network built through the activities within the scope of the project and that can continue to be further developed in the future through other future Erasmus + projects and other sources of funding and through the solidified audience and network of participants that devote resources to explore knowledge about the Union and its processes that this project has worked to enhance within the Harvard community and by extension, within the greater Boston area of the United States.

Among the activities promoted as part of this project, we wish to highlight the following: