International Campuses of Excellence

RCC Partner Universities are connected to a number of International Campuses of Excellence, developing joint research projects and opening lines of study that cross over different centers and departments into the Spanish universities.

The Spanish program International Campus of Excellence is a governmental action that started in 2009 with the Estrategia Universidad 2015. The aim of this action is to increase the quality of the academic system through the incorporation, specialization, differentiation, and internationalization of the best Spanish universities.

The program is open to public and private universities, being able to acquire the title of International Campus of Excellence.

You can read about the International Campuses of Excellence that currently work with RCC Fellows in several research clusters:

Campus Moncloa



Moncloa Campus of International Excellence



Montegancedo International Campus of Excellence

smart energy



International Campus of Excellence Smart Energy

Andalucia Tech ICE



Andalucia TECH International Campus of Excellence

VLC/CAMPUS. Valencia, International Campus of Excellence