"The Digital Revolution": Its Impact in Everyone's Profession, Business and Daily Life

December 11, 2015
"The Digital Revolution": Its Impact in Everyone's Profession, Business and Daily Life

RCC is honored to announce this course, organized in collaboration with ISDI as part of the winter activities for graduate students at Harvard, January @ GSAS. The course will have the participation of top business leaders from the digital business environment in the world, including Google, Air Bnb, LinkedIn, and Docomo.

By 2020, only four years from now, the whole human population is expected to be connected to the Internet. For the first time in human history every person will have access to the greatest source of content ever thought. The consequences of such new reality won’t leave anything out. This new reality is being known as the “Digital Ecosystem”. And we better prepare for it...

The course explains how the digital ecosystem is impacting every single aspect of everyday life, with particular emphasis on the perspective of businesses and organizations providing society with products and/or services.

Students will gain a new vision of the world they live in and work, and will find out about the trends that technology is bringing to every one’s daily life.

Technology has changed the way we shop with e-commerce solutions; the way we entertain with all type of content from everywhere in the world; the way we work with e-mail and free worldwide real time communication, for new organizations with totally different practices from those learned from the past century; the way we relate with each other with new digital social networks; the way we learn with free and open solutions for everyone to learn from anyone; the way we travel, do banking, buy insurances, appliances and an endless list of products and services that sketch the new landscape of our lives. The digital revolution is here and won’t leave any sector of activity out of its influence.

Students attending the course will not only gain knowledge of this new normality, but what are the key instruments and accurate vision to positively evolve in their professional and personal lives.

See here more information about the course. You can also download this flyer to read the program.

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