Seventh International Colloquium IECO-RCC: “Ethics and Trust Matter in Business: A Tribute to the Legacy of W. Michael Hoffman”


Thursday, April 4, 2019, 9:30am to 1:30pm


RCC Conference Room, 26 Trowbridge St., Cambridge MA.

The Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO) at University of Valencia (UV) and the RCC, in collaboration with the Abigail Adams Institute and the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics, organize this annual Colloquium that brings together leading scholars and practitioners to shed light on what it takes to promote a work place environment that brings out the best in people, creating not only trust, but also organizations that thrive.


This year’s Colloquium will be very special. A beloved friend of the IECO, Dr. W. Michael Hoffman, the founder of Bentley’s Center for Business Ethics, and a pioneer in the field of business ethics, passed away from cancer on December 6, 2018. For this reason, we want this event to be a tribute to Michael, who helped us start the IECO Institute and this initiative. We will discuss all the amazing work that he and his colleagues have done in the field of business ethics, and how to make this area flourish even more. We will also discuss deficiencies and new paths we see in the field. We hope that the interdisciplinary theoretical and practical approach of the discussion will lead to an engaging and fruitful debate.

Click here for video of previous editions of the Colloquium.

Moderator: Danilo Petranovich. The Abigail Adams Institute.

Speakers: Donna Hicks. Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; Dawn-Marie Driscoll. Executive Fellow, Member of the Advisory Board, Hoffman Center for Business Ethics, Bentley University; Jim Hackett. Business Ethics professor at Rice University; William Bowman. Professor of Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the Busch School of Business, Catholic University of America; Fidel García-Guzmán. CEO, Guzman Global Company.

Coordinator: Manuel Guillén. Director, IECO Research Institute, University of Valencia; University of Valencia Delegate at RCC.

Sponsors: RCC; Abigail Adams Institute; IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics​; IECO Study Group.

Please note that this event is not open to the public.