Inquiries in Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO)

Co-Chairs: Donna Hicks (Associate Professor at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University) and Manuel Guillén (University of Valencia Management Professor, IECO Director and Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School)


The purpose of the IECO Study Group at Harvard-RCC is to promote critical thinking and to expand knowledge about the role of ethics in communication and in organizations. The group aims to promote multidisciplinary dialogue between moral philosophy and the social sciences to revitalize the ethical thought in society and to encourage the development of ethically healthy organizations all around the world.

The knowledge generated by the IECO Study Group is made available through scientific publications and throigh the activities carried out at the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard.

The program is developed under the umbrella and sponsorship of the IECO Institute and the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics. The members of the group are permanent and associate researchers of the IECO Institute.

In order to attain their goal, the members of the group the organize their study around the concept of trust building in organizations through a humanistic management perspective, understood as a way of organzing that (1) embraces the notion of human dignity, (2) aims to promote integral human flourishing and (3) fosters a conception of human work that contributes to the common good with cimppetence, spirit of service and integrity.


1. Understanding and promoting Human Dignity and Ethics in Organizations:
Human Dignity, Ethics, and Leadership.
Human Dignity, Ethics, and Organizational Trust.
Human Dignity, Ethics and Organization Commitment. 

2. Understanding and promoting Human Flourishing in Organizations:
Human Flourshing and Organizational Ethical Quality.
Human Flourishing and Ethically Healthy Organizations.
Human Flourishing and The Logic of Gift in Organizations.

3. Understanding and promoting Human Optimal Working in Organizations:
Human Optimal Work and Personal Reputation.
Human Optimal Work and Ethical Decision Making.
Human Optimal Work, Motivation and Meaningfulness.

Among the activities organized by the IECO Study Group at Harvard-RCC are the annual IECO-RCC International Colloquiums at Harvard. They are conceived as a mean to disseminate the ideas developed by the IECO Study Group members.

The Colloquiums can be followed at the Harvard Youtube Channel

2019- 7th Colloquium: 

“Ethics and Trust Matter in Business: A Tribute to the Legacy of W. Michael Hoffman”

2018- 6th Colloquium: 

Trust Based Management: practical ways of humanizing business.

2017- 5th Colloquium: 

Educating Millennials for Ethical Leadership and Trust.

2016- 4th Colloquium: 

Building Trust in Organizations through Meaningful work.

2015- 3rd Colloquium: 

Developing Trust and Ethically Healthy Organizations through Humanistic Management.

2014- 2nd Colloquium: 

The role of moral and spiritual motivation in building trust.

2013- 1st Colloquium: 

The role of ethics, values and dignity in building trust.


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