Daniel Pablo de la Cruz Sánchez Mata

Daniel Pablo de la Cruz Sánchez Mata

RCC Director
Harvard Associate at Harvard University (Harvard University Herbaria, Organismic and Evolutionary Department, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

Daniel Pablo de la Cruz Sánchez Mata is the Real Colegio Complutense Director and Full Professor of Botany at Universidad Complutense of Madrid where he obtained his PhD on Geobotany. He teaches Environmental Botany, Geobotany (Plant Ecology) and Medical Botany at Pharmacy School of Universidad Complutense since more than two decades.

In 2018, he was appointed as an Affiliate of the Harvard University Herbaria and his current research at Herbaria and the Harvard Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is related to the study of the great botanical collections from the Pacific Northwest territories preserved at HUH. He also Co-Chairs the RCC Study Group "Botanical Collections and Herbaria: New Insights and Challenges" with Charles C. Davis, Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Curator of Vascular Plants in the Harvard University Herbaria.

Daniel research activities are related to the strong relationships between environment and plant life; as consequence he works on Bioclimatology mainly in Europe (Mediterranean Basin) and North America (Pacific Northwest). He is responsible for the bioclimatical frame of the international project ‘Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping Project (CBVM)’ sponsored by the Arctic Council. In 1996 he started several collaborative research projects with Professor Michael G. Barbour (University of California, Davis) on California vegetation focusing mainly on ultramafic habitats as extreme environments, a project that is still active.

Among other remarkable merits, Daniel co-leads the activities of the Complutense research group ENVIROVEG, he is an active member of several international editorial boards, the current president of the Spanish Society of Geobotany and a member of the Royal Spanish National Academy of Pharmacy.

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