Workshop: How Leaders Engender Spaces for ‘Work Meaningfulness” in Organizations.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 6:00pm to 8:30pm


Harvard Kennedy School, Littauer Building


RCC is pleased to announce this Leadership Skills Workshop at the Harvard Kennedy School, organized by the HKS Alumni/ae Association. Prof. Manuel Guillén, Founder and Director of the Institute for Ethics in Communication and in Organizations (IECO) will facilitate a reflective and experiential workshop exploring ‘work meaningfulness' and how leaders prompt and engender authentic spaces for ‘work meaningfulness” in organizations.

Prof. Guillén will argue that leaders who are capable of offering a higher degree of meaningfulness to other peoples’ work are more likely to gain their trust and to contribute to their flourishing.

Participants will reflect, based on their own experience, on what ‘work meaningfulness' is, where it comes from, how it is connected to motivations and incentives in the workplace, what its effects are and how it can be promoted.

The workshop will include, among others, a discussion with  attendees on the different conceptions of ‘work meaningfulness', its relationship with the importance of personal motivations in the workplace and practical learning, from participants’ experiences, on how to promote ‘work meaningfulness' in organizations.

Speaker: Manuel GuillénVisiting Researcher at the IGLP at Harvard Law School; Founder and Director of IECO

Sponsors: RCC; Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association; IECO; University of Valencia

* To register please, contact Karen Kingsbury at