Workshop BigData


Friday, November 18, 2016 (All day)


RCC Conference Room, 26 Trowbridge St., Cambridge MA

The objective of this workshop is to build bridges between Harvard-MIT researchers in Boston MA and researchers in Spain who are affiliated with the Universities Complutense and Politécnica which are part of the CEIMoncloa, Madrid, Spain.

Bigdata is a new field of research that usually refers to enormity in five dimensions: 1) Volume -in the scale of petabytes and up-, 2) Variety -heterogeneous data types and info sources-, 3) Velocity -fast data flows from all directions-, 4)Variability -inconsistent data flow latency with periodic peaks-, 5) Complexity –analyzing data across entities-. This situation is difficult to manage using traditional database and software techniques and itdemands new cost-effective ways of data processing that enable process automation, enhanced insight and decision making aid. In any case, Bigdata is, therefore, an emerging and interdisciplinary field where data analytics, organization, retrieval, modelling and specific SW and HW are foundational challenges.

It is the intention of this workshop to provide faculty and researchers with an opportunity to develop new international partnerships and links that we expect it could help to contribute to transform this open field of multiple applications.

The workshop will consist of five sessions:

 1. Big Data and Cloud

 2. Big Data Strategy in Applied Computational Science

 3. Big Data, Math Research and Statistics

 4. Big Data and Physics

 5. Big Data and Healthcare

Among the Harvard and MIT speakers that will participate in this Workshop, are:

  • James Cuff Assistant Dean for research Computing Harvard University
  • Pavlos Protopapas Scientific Program Director Institute of Applied Computational Science. Paulson School of Engineering
  • Miguel Hernán Professor of Epidemiology Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health “Using Big Data to emulate randomized trials in health research”
  • Alistair Johnson Postdoctoral Associate Laboratory for Computational Physiology. IMES (Institute for Medical Engineering and Science). Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Catherine Chute Executive Director Institute of Applied Computational Science. Paulson School of Engineering
  • Mercè Crosas Chief Data Science and Technology Officer, IQSS. Harvard University

A panel discussion will conclude the day with the aim of exploring new collaboration opportunities among researchers affiliated with the Universities represented at the workshop with the support of the RCC-Harvard. 

Please, note that this event is not open to the general public. Send us an email if you are interested in attending, with your résumé and a letter with your interest in the Workshop.