Science on the Big Screen: GATTACA


Thursday, June 7, 2018, 5:00pm to 7:30pm


RCC Conference Room, 26 Trowbridge St., Cambridge MA



“Society has categorized Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke) as less than suitable given his genetic make-up. To move ahead, he assumes the identity of a perfect genetic specimen. Vincent learns to deceive DNA and urine sample testing. When his program director is killed, the police begin an investigation, jeopardizing his secret.”

Molecular biology and genetic engineering have developed enormously in the last decades. The Human Genome Project was declared complete in April 2003, which gave us a complete sequence for each human chromosome. And now, the new CRISPR technique can be used to edit genomes of any living organism. There is no question about the potential applications in fields like medicine and agriculture, but these advances also raise ethical issues that we should address.


Science and technology are increasingly present in almost every aspect of our lives. But how much do we know about them? Although they not always cover science in a rigorous manner, movies are a great way to reach the general public and drive our curiosity. We have selected some movies to discuss topics like genetic engineering, biomedical research or artificial intelligence, among others. A short talk will be followed by the screening of the movie. We can have a nice discussion afterwards! Science on the Big Screen will screen other films in the months of September and December 2018 and in March and June of 2019.



Speaker: Sara García Linares. RCC Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Sponsors: RCC; Science@RCC

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