RCC Seminar in Innovative Teaching: Fractals everywhere and for everyone


Thursday, April 15, 2021, 2:00pm to 3:30pm


This will be a virtual event via Zoom

Fractal geometry has been proved useful in medicine, economics, art and a wide range of disciplines. However, the study of fractal geometry in higher education remains limited mainly to math students. Following the spirit of fractals’ early pioneers, we show that fractal geometry can be accessible to everyone if the right approaches are used.

Note: participants are encouraged to bring a couple of paper sheets and a ruler.

Teaching methods have evolved throughout last decades. In order to learn the different possibilities that Innovative Teaching offers, this seminar will explore how each field can provide ideas that can be applied in other areas. In this way, both participants and assistants will improve their knowledge concerning to how to teach and how to create a better environment in the class, in which students play a more dynamic role. These activities will be held mainly by predoc and postdoc fellows of RCC.

This event will be live via Zoom. Only registered participants will be able to participate in the session.

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Speaker: Álvar Daza Esteban, Prof. Contratado Doctor Interino at URJC, Associate of the Physics Department at Harvard University.

Sponsors: RCC; Postdocs@RCC