Public Presentation of the Harvard Kennedy School Spanish Caucus


Friday, October 7, 2016, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


RCC Main Seminar Room, 26 Trowbridge St., Cambridge MA

RCC is pleased to announce the Public Presentation of the Harvard Kennedy School Spanish Caucus. It is the first time in the Harvard Kennedy School History, in which specific Spanish Caucus is being approve. The Spanish Caucus has been launched for the incoming RCC Fellows in the Kennedy School and has his main goal to promote a hard quality debate in activities related with Spanish Politics and Society.

The purpose of the Spanish Caucus is to create a forum in which to discuss Spanish cultural, political and economic issues. The caucus would seek to promote debate amongst students, practitioners, and academics with knowledge of, or experience in, Spain to better understand ontemporary political and economic challenges (i.e. immigration, the future of the Eurozone, the perspective of Southern European countries, and the rise of alternative political movements).

Moreover, the caucus would act as a cultural bridge to discuss the historical linkages between Europe and North and South America. To this end, the Spanish Caucus would also seek to promote greater inter-cultural understanding and interaction, particularly among the Latin American and Hispanic-American communities.

Lastly, the Spanish caucus will serve to promote HKS in Spain and among Spanish students, researchers, practitioners, and foundations globally.

Speakers: Julio Lumbreras (MC/MPA Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School), Gregorio Bustos (MC/MPA Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School), Miguel de Corral (Master in Public Policy (MPP) Candidate  at Harvard Kennedy School) and Fernando Fernandez Monge Cortazar (MC/MPA Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School)

Sponsors: RCC, Harvard Kennedy School Spanish Caucus

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