Political Consequences of the Eurozone Crisis


Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 2:15pm to 6:00pm


The Minda de GunzburgCenter for European Studies, Lower Level Conference Room, Busch Hall

RCC is pleased to announce this event, sponsored by the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies

The Eurozone Crisis is not over. Europe’s response has consisted of ad hoc crisis management measures and new rules that have failed to put the currency zone on firmer political ground. The cost has been a crisis of legitimacy in the member states, in particular the debtor states that continue to bear most of the hardship. This two-panel session explores the fundamental problems that remain, the obstacles to their resolution, and the political effects that the crisis has had in Southern Europe.

David Marsh Director, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
Marina Costa Lobo Professor of Political Science, University of Lisbon
Jonathan Hopkin Reader in Comparative Politics, Department of Government, London School of Economics
Jose Ignatio Torreblanca Director, European Council on Foreign Relations, Madrid
Chaired by José Manuel Martínez Sierra Jean Monnet ad Personam Professor in EU Law and Government, Harvard University

Chaired by
 Sofia A. Perez Associate Professor of Political Science, Boston University
Commentary by Vivien A. Schmidt Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration, Boston University; Director, Center for the Study of Europe, Boston University; Professor of International Relations, Boston University
Commentary by Loukas Tsoukalis Pierre Keller Visiting Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
This will be a two-panel event.
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Contact: Sofia Perez