Monday, December 19, 2016, 6:00pm to 7:15pm


Pabellón de Gobierno UCM (Calle Ministro Ibáñez Martín, 1, Madrid) //  Streaming at RCC, 12pm (ET)

The election of Donald Trump as the new US President and the uncertainties that his presidency generates, have triggered unrivalled reactions in the public opinion, the media as well as the intellectual circles across the globe.There are many issues that need to be carefully studied in order to understand what has happened during the primary elections and the electoral campaign. The failure of public opinion surveys in predicting the final results certainly is an issue to be tackle, as well as the impact that Trump's election is going to have in the major US traditional parties. 

Looking towards the future, Trump presidency should be studied considering his campaign attitudes and promises and their impact, not just in the US but worldwide. Another factor to be taken duly into account are the current US compromises before the international community. Last but not least, we should consider different scenarios for the main Obama administration legacies, like Obamacare, the progress made in normalising US relations with Cuba and Obama Iran nuclear deal. 

The present panel composed of experts of Harvard University will provide a global overview of the main challenges ahead.


Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez, Derek C. Bok Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School and Academic Council Member of the Real Complutense at Harvard

David W. Kennedy, Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law, and Academic Council Member of the Real Complutense at Harvard

José Manuel Martínez Sierra, Jean Monnet ad personam professor in European Union Law and Government and Director of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard

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