Learnings in Soft Matter from the APS March meeting


Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 4:15pm


RCC Main Conference Room, 26 Trowbridge St. Cambridge, MA.

Informative session about the American Physical Society meeting, held in Baltimore (14-18 March 2016) by RCC Fellow Jorge Ramírez García, Visiting Fellow at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Visiting Fellow at MIT.

Most topics will be related to Soft Matter Physics. Other areas of Physics may also be discussed.

The objective of this session is to allow those who are not able to attend the APS to gain an overall idea of the topics addressed at the conference through an RCC knowledge ambassador. The RCC ambassadorship initiative aims to generate synergies among researchers interested in main conferences and conventions within the US. This way participants will be able to receive feedback so they can pose further questions treated in this event.