Just a Job? What more should companies offer?


Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 6:00pm to 7:00pm


RCC Conference Room, 26 Trowbridge St., Cambridge MA


Webinars of the University of Valencia at Harvard RCC


Organized by the University of Valencia IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics, the Abigail Adams Institute in Cambridge and the RCC at Harvard University, the purpose of this webinar is to offer a debate between students and business people regarding the expectations of the future of work in business organizations.

The discussion will revolve around the expectations that students have about the type of work they can achieve in companies after they receive their university degrees. What do students expect from companies? What do companies expect from students? What does the world of work offer young people when they finish their studies? Just a job?

These and some other open questions will be discussed during this webinar, taking advantage of the special visit by two top senior managers of Valencian companies at Harvard University during this time.



  • Danilo Petranovich, PhD, Director, Abigail Adams Institute.



  • Desmond Conway (‘17), Master of Laws – LLM, at Harvard Law School.


  • Victor Mezacapa (’18), Undergraduate Student at Harvard University.


  • Nicolas Salvador, CFO at Royo Group Manufacturing Company.


  • Aurelio Tornero, CEO at RNB Cosmetics Manufacturing Company.



Organizer:  Manuel Guillén, PhD, Director of IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics, University of Valencia.

Sponsors: RCC; IECO Research Institute; University of Valencia; Abigail Adams Institute; University of Valencia IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics​

Please, if you want to attend this webinar contact: Manuel.Guillen@uv.es and rcc@harvard.edu