How to Reshape a Business Model using the Art of Memory, Robotics & Lego bricks


Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 4:00pm to 7:00pm


RCC Conference Room, 26 Trowbridge St., Cambridge MA

The RCC is pleased to announce this colorful and magical business model innovation workshop organized by Prof. George Kontaxakis, RCC Fellow and Visiting Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. The workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Carlos Rebate, Head of BPO Strategy, New Business Development and BPO Operations in The Philippines at Indra, one of the main global consulting and technology companies.

rebThe goal of the workshop is to learn how to use a combinatory methodology to face new challenges in a creative way. To achieve this goal we will be using:

* A millenary art, the art of memory, on how to use symbols and diagrams to foster imagination.

* Two Robotic Assistants to show how thoughts can be managed.

* Lego bricks to build a business model using our hands.

* Different thinking styles to see the world under different perspectives.

Take-aways of the workshop:

* Understanding the background that rules the creative process.

* Tools to consciously change thinking directions to become a more creative person and foster lateral thinking.Carlos Rebate

The workshop is based on two books/methodologies developed by the facilitator/trainer: “Your Secret Company” (Tu empresa secreta) and “The Magic Wheels of Creativity” (Las ruedas mágicas de la creatividad).


Carlos Rebate, Head of BPO strategy, new business development and BPO operations in The Philippines at Indra.

Carlos has a BSc in Computer Sciences, with a doctorate program in Advanced Artificial Intelligence, a doctorate program in Philosophy, and executive education by IESE Business School and IE Business School. He is father of 2 children, author of 4 books, owner of 2 trees, and has run 2 marathons. Carlos defines himself as change-maker, serial innovator, author & speaker on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and future.

Twitter: @crebate / Linkedin:

Sponsor: RCC