XVIII Harvard-Complutense Seminar: New Capitalism? A Transatlantic Perspective


Mon - Wed, Oct 3 to Oct 5, 9:15am - 12:00pm


Harvard Law School

The Seminar is jointly organized by the Real Colegio Complutense, the Institute for Global Law and Policy (Univerity of Harvard Law School) and the Department of Commercial Law at the Complutense University of Madrid. The emphasis of this Seminar is the analysis and debate about some of the key issues in the current regulation on corporate law, banking and corporate governance comparing the European experience (with special reference to the Spanish situation) with the U.S., as well as the new trends on insolvency regulation. The structure of the Congress tries to promote a fruitful exchange between all the speakers and provide attendees with information and materials especially valid with respect to the issues discussed.




You can check the program here.


Speakers: Daniel Sánchez Mata (Real Colegio Complutense Director); Isabel Fernández Torres (Tenured Professors of Business Law. Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Mónica Fuentes Naharro (Tenured Professors of Business Law. Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Juan Sánchez-Calero Guilarte (Full Professor of Business Law. Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Pierre-Henri Conac (Full Professor of Business Law. Luxemburg University, Max Planck Fellow, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg); Jesse M. Fried. Dane (Professor of Law, Harvard Law School); Javier Juste Mencía (Full Professor of Business Law. UCM); David Kennedy (Director of the Institute for Global Law and Policy. Harvard Law School); Pilar Ortiz & Juana Jiménez. (Banco Santander); Juana Pulgar Ezquerra (Full Professor of Business Law. Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Mark Roe (David Berg Professor of Law at Harvard Law School); Guhan Subramanian (Joseph Flom Professor of Law & Business, Harvard Law School); H. Douglas Weaver (Professor of Business Law. Harvard Business School) José M. Tabarés Cuadrado (Director of Registrars´ Anti-money Laundering Center); Roberto Tallarita (Senior Fellow in Law and Economics and an Associate Director of the Program on Corporate Governance. Harvard Law School)



Sponsors: Fundación Ramón Areces; Colegio de Registradores de España; Colegio Notarial de España; RCC

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