Evan Michelson: from Oddities to Gothic Culture


Friday, May 6, 2016, 5:30pm to 7:30pm


RCC Seminar Room, 26 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, MA 02138

RCC is pleased to announce this talk organized by RCC Fellow Cristina Pérez Arranz, and Visiting Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.   

Evan Michelson is co-star of the TV series ‘Oddities,' a hit 'reality show' that ran for five seasons on Discovery Science. Every episode featured interesting people, captivating objects, science, history, a touch of intrigue and a lesson in the ancient art of haggling. Evan will be bringing one of her fascinating Victorian objects to the talk.

After telling her experiences at ‘Oddities,’ Evan will be talking about how Gothic culture is both frivolous and sublime, self-indulgent and culturally transformative. Though the gothic tradition relies on irrationality, high camp and over-the-top theatrics, it also has a more somber history of exposing (and addressing) unpleasant truths. Alternately stodgily conservative and radically liberal, the gothic encompasses every aspect of the human condition, from the aesthetic to the political, and it spans the vast array of human expression from literature to architecture to music and beyond. Running through all the centuries is the thread of a gothic notion that is fabulous, menacing and thrilling. 

Sponsor: Real Colegio Complutense

Contact: Kim Conant