The Atmospheric Dimension in Architecture


Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 8:30am to 11:30am


Harvard Graduate School of Design. 8 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA.

RCC is pleased to announce this talk by RCC Fellow Eduardo Prieto, Visiting Scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The ambition of this lecture course is to provide a theoretical and historical background to the current interrogations regarding the impact of sustainability. It will promote a different approach to architectural issues in which questions pertaining to the interior, to ambiances and to the relation between built objects and environmental issues will play a central role. Topics covered will include the evolution of the conception of the interior from the Renaissance to the present; the history of light, sound and heat in architecture; the importance of air in architectural design; the rise of environmental concerns; the history of thermodynamics; insulation; systems theory; and their impact on architectural theory and practice.


This event is not open to the public. Please contact the speaker for further information about the talk.

Sponsor(s): Harvard Graduate School of Design, Real Colegio Complutense.

Contact(s): Eduardo Prieto.