Santiago Cathedral Project events in Santiago de Compostela


Wed - Thu, Dec 2 to Dec 3, 11:30am - 7:00pm


Honorary Hall, Santiago Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

RCC is pleased to announce two events to be held in Santiago de Compostela on December 2-3 in the context of the Santiago Cathedral Project, directed by Dr. Francisco Prado-Vilar with the participation of the RCC, which serves as the headquarters of this project in America honoring Harvard´s outstanding tradition in the study of the Cathedral of Santiago since the beginning of the 20th century. 

The events include the induction ceremony of the recipients of the 2015 Andrew W. Mellon fellowships (Honorary Hall, Santiago Cathedral, December 2, 11:30 am) and a symposium where the 2014 Mellon fellows will be presenting the results of their research (Dean’s Palace, December 3, 10am-7pm).

Investigators sponsored by the Mellon Foundation, coming from prestigious universities and conservation institutes such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Florence), among others, have made important contributions to essential lines of investigation for the Santiago Cathedral Project using state-of-the-art methodologies and tecniques, ranging from “the assessment of the efficacy of water-based nanoparticle gels and Nd:YAG lasers in the cleaning of polychrome stone sculpture”, and “the comparative analysis of pigments and techniques in illuminated manuscripts and monumental sculpture using X-ray fluorescence (XRF), confocal microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and spectrophotogrammetry”, to the study of the Portal of Glory as a performative space from the perspective of musicology, liturgical theater, and popular ritual. 

For more information on the Santiago Cathedral Project, sponsored by the Barrié Foundation, with the collaboration of the RCC, the Santiago Cathedral Foundation, the Complutense Foundation, the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, visit