andres arias

Andres Arias Astray

Director of the Complutense University of Madrid Foundation

Andres Arias is the Director of Fundación General Complutense and Professor of Social Work at Complutense University of Madrid. At present, he is the Academic Coordinator of Doctoral Program in Social Work, Director of GrupoLab, a research lab on social group work.

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Miguel Ángel Armengol de la Hoz

Research Associate: Division of Clinical Informatics - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School.
Research Associate: Critical Data - Laboratory for Computational Physiology​, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Co-Chair: Big Data and Machine Learning, Shaping the Future of Healthcare​ - Harvard Study Group​​

Miguel Ángel Armengol de la Hoz is a Research Associate at the Division of Clinical Informatics of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical...

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Francisco  Auñón Infantes

Francisco Auñón Infantes

Master in Business Administration (MBA) Candidate at Harvard Business School
Master of Science (MS) in Biotechnology: Life Sciences Candidate at Harvard GSAS and Harvard Medical School

Fran Auñón Infantes (Valencia, Spain) is a joint degree candidate at Harvard University, pursuing a Master in Business Administration at Harvard Business...

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Elena Ayala-Hurtado

PhD Candidate in Sociology, Harvard University
Teaching Fellow, Sociology Department, Harvard University
Graduate Student Affiliate, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University
Elena Ayala-Hurtado is a PhD student in sociology at Harvard University. Her research examines how individuals narrate their lives within their social contexts... Read more about Elena Ayala-Hurtado
Andrea  Boza Zanatta

Andrea Boza Zanatta

Joint MPP/MBA candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Business School

Andrea, a native of Barcelona, Spain, is a joint MBA/MPP candidate at the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School passionate about...

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Pablo  Castillo Luna

Pablo Castillo Luna

Master of Architecture II Candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Pablo Castillo Luna is an M. Ach II candidate at the GSD. He holds a degree and a Master’s in Architecture. His Master’s Thesis ‘Between Neighborhoods’,...

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Rodrigo Cetina Presuel

Rodrigo Cetina Presuel

Executive Director, RCC
Researcher, Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School

Rodrigo Cetina Presuel is the Executive Director of the Real Colegio Complutense (RCC) at Harvard. and a Researcher at the Institute for Global Law and Policy of the Harvard Law School. He is the co-Vice Chair of the Law Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research and the United States East Coast Ambassador for that same organization. Rodrigo is also the Communication Law and Policy Coordinator for the Jean Monnet ad Personam Chair in European Union Law and Government

Rodrigo is responsible for all operations in support of the mission of the RCC, encompassing managing staff, facilities, health and safety, finance, implementation of programs, human resources, general administration and the day-to-day acitivities of the center.

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Verónica Cruz-Alonso

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Teacher Associate in Landscape Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Verónica Cruz-Alonso is a postdoctoral researcher in ecosystem restoration and Teaching Associate in Landscape Architecture at the Graduate School of...

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