Diego Chapinal Heras

Diego Chapinal Heras

Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of the Classics at Harvard University

Diego Chapinal Heras works as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of the Classics at Harvard University. He is also a distinguished junior scholar and fellow at the RCC Harvard. Diego holds a B.A. in History, B.A. (UCM) in Classics (UAM), a M.A. Ancient History (UAM-UCM), a M.A. in Education Training (UNED) and a Ph.D. in Ancient History (UCM, with a FPU grant) with European Mention, plus honors.

His research is focused on sanctuaries of ancient Greece, mainly Dodona and Dion; the way the evolution of a cult place is narrowly linked to the historical development of the regions where it is located. This entails to approach this site not just as religious center, but also as political, economic, social and cultural one. In this way, a more complete image of the place can be obtained. At Harvard University, with Prof. Paul Kosmin as academic advisor, the goal is to prepare a book about the sanctuary of Dion and its connections with different aspects of Macedonia.

Before, Diego was visiting scholar at Oxford University (UK), Ioannina University (Greece) and Aarhus University (Denmark). He is member of the Research Group Eschatia: Territories and Frontiers: the Role of Religion in Struggles among Poleis UCM). Diego has attended and participated in international meetings, workshops and courses, as well as published some papers, reviews and a chapter of book. Moreover, he has been part of the committees of EJIHA (Young Researchers in Ancient History Encounter, at UCM, four editions) and the journal Antesteria (four volumes). He has experience in teaching during the last two years of his Ph.D. and, as archaeologist, he has participated in several campaigns in Spain and Portugal.

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